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FOOD in the Fields!

Introducing our lovely pals - BoxTrot!


In early 2017, we purchased a rather tatty but extremely characterful Rice horse trailer from a Lancashire farm. One fabulous facelift later and it was transformed into a fully functioning and stunning kitchen, complete with rosy-gold stainless steel interior. Box Trot was launched at the Wimpole History Festival in July 2017 and delighted customers with healthy and delicious fusion tacos served in egg boxes. As far as we are aware, this is a brand new approach to packaging!

We met on stage as members of the musical theatre society at Sussex University, where we studied Psychology and English Literature respectively. After graduating, we began to build a business that enabled us to live an ‘outdoorsy’, alternative and healthy lifestyle centred around sharing the food we love. We believe in the importance of a healthy yet hearty diet, however, often it is difficult to choose genuinely healthy options when eating out. Box Trot was established with this notion in mind and offers healthy, invigorating, globally influenced street food that tastes and looks amazing.

'We wanted to challenge the misnomer that tacos must be Mexican. Our takes and twists on the traditional taco are passionately prepared with a focus on developing punchy fusion flavours packed full of super foods.

We take time every day to seek inspiration from across the globe and love spending time researching and trialling authentic recipes. Every country has its own type of flat bread in some form or other that is topped with delicious delights and that is why we created GLACOS – the global taco! Our soft glaco shells are made from corn flour, meaning they are gluten free (!), and have a crisp and delicious taste when heated. This provides the perfect base for all our global tacos. 

We tend to globe trot from week to week if we are appearing at the same event regularly; our menu might be Mexican one week or Italian the next but it's always just as yummy. '

We are so happy to have Amy and Richard on board this year - and they serve out of a horse box, so it's a perfect fit! :)

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