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Hello! Welcome back our wee blog. This weekend is being spent sat on this balcony in Brighton, working hard with our Marketing Manager to design our leaflets and posters, as well as reading through the applications we have received so far! Everyone who has emailed us with their weird, wonderful and wacky shows - THANK YOU! We are having such fun seeing a tiny piece of your world. We said we'd get back to everyone by the end of March, so we are finalising details with the help our our oat-milk flat whites (we are so those people! Oat milk for the win!)

It can be quite daunting at this point in the process, when we cannot predict how much interest we will get from creatives, how the scheduling will look for each venue, but you have to start somewhere! And this is the bit that Tabitha (one of our founders and Creative Director) absolutely loves! It's when all the pieces start to come together, and you can start imagining the day, which seems so far away, but so close at the same time! (113 days! eek). So we start slowly, seeing how long each show is, how many actors are in it, which space it would be most suited to. Some are musical, some are intimate, some comedy and some tragedy, some professional and some locals getting involved too! Tabby's favourite thing about the festival is the variety or work on offer, even just from our first rounds of applicants! Working out all the timings is a full-on and intense process. The venues have to run like well-oiled machines, as if one show overruns, it impacts the rest of the day. It takes us a whole living-room of lists, diagrams, notebooks, laptops all open on different tabs, Trello boards and controlled and respectful communication (or sometimes Lee and Tabby shouting over one another until finally reaching a COMPROMISE :D)

Remember there is still plenty