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TREATS in the Fields!

We are super excited to introduce Treats from the Kitchen, aka Karen, Lee and Kyle Russell :)

Our beautiful friendship started in 2018, when Karen applied to bring Treats from the Kitchen to the festival. She came round for a cup of tea and brought us a selection of the most delicious vegan and gluten free treats we could only have dreamed of! As we bonded over a delicious slice of vegan, gluten and wheat free chocolate cake, Karen mentioned that her son, Kyle, was interested in drama and also the tech side of theatre - a perfect fit for our family! So the date was set - Treats from the Kitchen would be pitching up at the fest, and Kyle would be shadowing our Bae's Barn technician, helping with lights and sound on the day!

And what a day it was! Everyone LOVED the various treats on offer, and the sweet-toothed team sold out all of their goodies :) And Kyle went on to assist with tech support at our Stageys in the Stixx event, and even came with us to PEARLY! which previewed at the Redbridge Drama Centre in November.

Here is a little bit about Treats from the Kitchen, and you can also find them on Facebook @treatsfromthekitchen

The Treats from the Kitchen Story

We are a small family run business working in our home kitchen in the beautiful East Hertfordshire countryside.​

We love to bake artisan treats by hand, in small batches, for everyone to enjoy.

Karen is our baker, she has always baked. Learning to bake by watching her Nan, she made fairy cakes, bread and butter pudding, donuts and hazelnut toffee for her Dad. All the old favourites. It was a win win situation.

We started Treats from the Kitchen in 2011 at the Folk by the Oak Festival.

Running a cake stall for the first time, we didn't know what to expect, so baked a few cupcakes and treats and they started selling like hot cakes! We had soon sold out.

We learnt a lot from this first experience and we also got asked if we had any gluten free treats or any for people that suffered from diabetes.

The following year, we were invited back and baked more, including some gluten free and diabetic treats.

We hand-make beautiful, delicious, moist, wholesome, artisan cakes and treats

but with a twist:

We use our own blend of gluten and wheat free flours

All our treats are dairy free

We do not use refined sugars

We offer vegan options as well

We use fair trade, organic, seasonal, local ingredients.

We specialise in baking for allergies or intolerances so that everyone can enjoy a treat. But, we never compromise on the important things like taste and moisture.

Sounds delicious, right? We are so excited to have them back on the 20th July! Better get there early though, as they are sure to sell out again!

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