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TREATS in the Fields!

We are super excited to introduce Treats from the Kitchen, aka Karen, Lee and Kyle Russell :)

Our beautiful friendship started in 2018, when Karen applied to bring Treats from the Kitchen to the festival. She came round for a cup of tea and brought us a selection of the most delicious vegan and gluten free treats we could only have dreamed of! As we bonded over a delicious slice of vegan, gluten and wheat free chocolate cake, Karen mentioned that her son, Kyle, was interested in drama and also the tech side of theatre - a perfect fit for our family! So the date was set - Treats from the Kitchen would be pitching up at the fest, and Kyle would be shadowing our Bae's Barn technician, helping with lights and sound on the day!

And what a day it was! Everyone LOVED the various treats on offer, and the sweet-toothed team sold out all of their goodies :) And Kyle went on to assist with tech support at our Stageys in the Stixx event, and even came with us to PEARLY! which previewed at the Redbridge Drama Centre in November.