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Wowee - 5 weeks to go - and if you've been keeping up with us on social media, you know that a whirlwind of creativity is coming to the Fields on Saturday 20th July!

Now is the fun part that the Team loves - creating a chock-a-block schedule of theatre in all shapes and sizes! It takes a lot of hard work, making sure certain companies perform at certain times, leaving space for a get-in and get-out for us to smoothly pack up one show and unfold another with backdrops, scenery, props, costumes and sound cues, but this pedantic planning is CRUCIAL to the seamless running (we hope!) of the festival! Some companies are travelling from afar, others are perfect for kiddies and some are a wee bit rude, so we have to take all of that into account when planning the running order for the day!

As always, more than one show will be on at once, and we love the bustle-y festival feel of planning your event and picking the shows you really want to see, and after some really helpful feedback from last year, we have decided to have a programme that will tell you all you need to know about each show, so you can make