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YOGA in the Fields!

Last year we had the wonderful Vanessa Hatton-Riveiro from Body 'N Soul Yoga join us for the festival. Vanessa ran workshops throughout the day under our yoga shelter, and people were finding their inner warriors and even trying out some headstands despite the windy weather.

Vanessa Hatton Riveiro attended the Susi Earnshaw Theatre School and Anna Scher Theatre from a young age where she completed Dance & Drama GCSE and has performed at Her Majesty's Theatre in London and was on Hope and Glory and Grange Hill TV series as a child.

She loves anything to do with Theatre, Travelling, Yoga and Weight Training.

Having backpacked most of the world little did she know that years later she would find a huge passion for Yoga and start teaching it across the globe.

Last year she founded Body ’N Soul Yoga which is a shared studio space at Epiphany Clothing in Bishops Stortford offering 6 Yoga and 1 meditation classes per week.